Rent-free incentive periods in the London office market spiked in Q2 2020 and rents showed just a small drop on Q1 of 1%, according to EG’s panel of agency experts.

This rise in incentives follows a traditional pattern and mirrors that seen immediately after the EU referendum vote four years ago.

Q3 2016 was the start of seven consecutive quarterly periods in which rent-free periods were perpetually extended, and only in the final one of those – Q1 2018 – did the panel once again supply data which indicated quarter-on-quarter rental upticks across London.

However, not only is the immediate rental drop greater than that seen in Q3 2016 (0.9% vs 0.4%), it is also more widespread.

Four years ago, eight of the 11 submarket areas featured in the survey saw a rental drop and three saw marginal rental growth against the previous quarter; this time, none of the areas saw any growth compared with Q1 2020, with 10 out of 11 showing a fall in rental tone.

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