Between the second quarter of 2019 and the second quarter of 2020, the number of total BTR properties that were completed or in some stage of the planning cycle was 167,853, rising by more than a fifth year-on-year. 

The research, produced by Savills and commissioned by the BPF, found that the number of completed build-to-rent homes rose by 37%, the number under construction decreased by 5% cent and the number in planning jumped by 27%.  

While the sector continues to accelerate new housing supply outside of London, with a rise of 52% in the number of homes in planning in the last 12 months across the regions, future growth in the capital remains more subdued.  

The number of build-to-rent homes in planning in London increased by 4% since the end of quarter two in 2019.  

Ian Fletcher, director of real estate policy at the BPF, said: “Our research shows investor confidence in build-to-rent housing continues, with a greater commitment from the sector today to delivering new, high-quality rental homes across the UK compared to a year ago.  

“The sector will play a key role in supporting the government’s ambitious plans to ‘level up’ the country’s regions and in building a shared recovery where more people across the country, whether they choose or need to rent, will have more choice of rental properties available to them.”