More than 10% of people expect the “boom times” for the industrial sector to end in 2021, according to an industry survey.

During a Colliers webinar on the industrial sector attended by over 600 industry professionals, the audience was asked: “How long can the boom times continue for the industrial sector?”

Of those who responded, 9.9% said until the end of H1 this year while 0.3% said until the end of Q1.

The vast majority of respondents – 80.5% – said that they expected the boom times to continue into 2021 and beyond while 9.3% were undecided.

Another survey at the webinar found asked about where they expected industrial yields to move. Of those who responded, 58% said that yields will remain unchanged while 34% expected further yield compression in 2021. Just 5.2% said that they expected yields to move out.