Institutions are planning to boost their investment in alternative assets, including real estate, in 2013, according to a new study by investment manager AMP Capital.

A third of the 60 investors polled said that they would increase their allocation to alternatives in the coming year, with a particular focus on infrastructure and real estate.

Investors are growing increasingly interested in real estate, according to the research, with 72% of those polled stating that they were likely to increase investment in the asset class, compared with 56% in infrastructure, 28% in infrastructure debt and 17 % in commodities.

Almost 40% said that they planned to increase their investment in private and unlisted companies.

European investors showed the greatest interest in real assets, with 46% stating that they would increase investment in the area, compared with 18% of Asian investors and 28% in the Americas.

Although interest in alternatives is on the increase, AMP concluded that there were no signs of a "great rotation" out of bonds, as 79% of investors said that they had no plans to move away from cash or fixed-income in the coming year.