Middle Eastern investors could spend as much as $180bn in commercial real estate outside of their own region in the next decade, according to CBRE.

According to figures from the firm, Europe is the preferred target for investment, with 80% of the cash expected to be focused here.

CBRE claimed that $85bn will land in the UK with a further $60bn directed at continental Europe including France, Germany and Spain as priority destinations.

Nick Maclean, managing director, CBRE Middle East, said: “The ‘buy and hold’ strategy adopted by many Middle Eastern investors within their home region and the resultant lack of deal flow opportunities leaves much unsatisfied demand here. Coupled with increased confidence in global markets and the need for diversification, overseas investment has grown strongly.”

“This trend is set to continue and with new sources of Middle Eastern capital, particularly from Saudi, set to enter the market over the next couple of years, the importance of this region on the global investment stage cannot be understated.”