Investment volumes in the EMEA real estate market could double in Q4 compared with the numbers registered in Q2 and Q3 thanks to improved market sentiment and delayed deals from earlier in the year finally concluding, according to a capital market expert at Colliers International.

During a webinar hosted by Colliers entitled ‘Global capital markets: What’s next?’, Richard Divall, managing director of EMEA capital markets at Colliers, said: “We totalled €50bn in Q2. Sentiment and liquidity improved in Q3, but because of the summer holidays I expect transaction volumes to be around €50bn again at the end of the quarter.

“There is great momentum going into Q4 and a lot of delayed sales coming to the market, so we could easily double and get to €100bn-plus.” He added that “the best ESG buildings with the best locations” and access to outdoor spaces would be prime pickings for investors.

Capital market leaders from around the world discussed trends and challenges for real estate investors heading into 2021 at the event, which was held after the UK government announced new restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.