Fast food, homeware and jewellery sales are up in the first three full months since the reopening of the retail sector, according to data from Savills.


Despite retail sales as a whole dropping by 25% compared with the same period in 2019, a number of retail categories saw year-on-year growth from July to September.

Jewellery sales saw notable growth of 3.9% over Q3 due to adopting a one-to-one customer approach resulting in increased transaction values.

The research also shows fast food and takeaway outlets saw an increase of 5.6% over the same period, driven by the Eat Out To Help Out initiative in August and the continued trend towards takeaway orders as people limit their social activities.

Despite a strong month in August, restaurants did not show the same sustained growth and declined 6.4% overall over the quarter.

Homeware sales also saw growth of 1.7% over the period, driven by the huge rise in home cooking.

Clothing saw the biggest decline in sales over the quarter. Womenswear and menswear both saw drops of over 30% (36.4% and 31.6% respectively) in Q3.

Stephen Toal, director of retail property management research at Savills, said: “It’s clear to see how the lifestyle changes caused by Covid-19 are impacting retail sales around the UK, with the pandemic continuing to shape our shopping habits. As we enter the so-called Golden Quarter, retailers will need to find a way to maintain sales and footfall while navigating the new restrictions being imposed in many urban areas.

The likes of Black Friday will be watched with great interest, and, with Christmas likely to look very different this year, retailers and the schemes in which they are located will need to work closely together to try and see out what has been an exceptionally challenging year for the sector.