We operate a referral scheme whereby if you are registered with us and refer someone to us and we place them in a permanent job then we will give a financial reward in return.

All you need to do is send us their contact details, but it is imperative that you primarily get their permission.

Trident terms apply.
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Trident International terms

1.The reward will be £250.00
2.The initial referral will only apply for a period of six months.
3.You must obtain the permission of the candidate prior to recommending.
4.Trident International should not be aware of the candidate prior to you recommending.
5.We operate on a first recommendation basis. If two people recommend the same candidate then the person recommending first will be eligible for the reward.
6.The reward scheme applies only to the initial placement and not any placements thereafter.
7.The reward will only be for a permanently placed candidate and the reward will be paid only when Trident International Associates have been fully paid and the funds and rebate period cleared.
8.If you receive a fee it is incumbent on you to declare the income to the relevant authorities.
9.Trident International Associates reserve the right to change and amend the conditions without prior written notice.
10.Trident International Associates terms are final and non-negotiable.

Trident International Associates decision is final